The National Black Theatre of Sweden, has proudly been supported by Stockholm Stad Kulturstöd. With a dedicated focus on new writing, this funding will nurture budding talent through captivating text, mesmerising spoken word, and exhilarating improvisational workshops. The National Black Theatre of Sweden upcoming projects promise to captivate audiences with their thought-provoking and boundary-pushing narratives. Get ready to embark on a journey of artistic excellence and social relevance.

Nappy Hair Workshops

Who are we?
Hi, my name is Axel Foley. A poet, activist, sapiosexual, filmmaker, content developer, equal rights/mental health advocate and now workshop leader under the National Black theatre of Sweden.

Love interaction with a whole diverse of people. Has for me my self-healing comes from helping others to heal. Helping those with a forgotten voice. A voice for positivity.  A voice for self-encouragement. A voice for eternal self-healing. Making one feel like their voice speaks volumes. I am not a role model, nor do I consider myself an influencer. Please do not define me to be woke. I am not a stereotype nor defined by a label.  I am just like you. Like everyone first a human being. But I will black fist pump when faced with adversity.

What and where?
We will meet once a month, start from June 2023, in a safe space for us with different activities and themes, mainly at Vällingby Stadsteater.

Community choir

Who are we?
The Community choir consists of a group of women identifying creative individuals, the group meet and were inspired by the work Songs of enchantment (by Ben Okri and Directed by Josette Bushell-Mingo at Royal Dramatic Theatre/ Dramaten) The group wanted to stay together – to inspire, learn more about the arts and eventually create their own stories.

What and where?
We will meet once a month, in a safe space for us by us, with different activities and themes.

NBTS New Writing

Thru the Kudzai Chiambara Stipendium and led by Dramaturg Anne Fredriksson, NBTS will support a maximum of 3 people and their work with new writing.

Deaf Black Collective

Who are we?
Afro Swedish deaf artists both from Sweden and internationally that will meet and exchange experience and skills. To participated and create an enriching and empowering network.

What and where?
We will meet and workshop, to develop skills and exchange worldwide experiences here in Stockholm. The first meeting took place at Royal Dramatic Theatre/ Dramaten, in Stockholm on the 9th of October 2022.


Top photo by cottonbro studio